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Belarussian, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Croatians, Czechs, Macedonians, Poles, Russians, Rusyns, Serbs and Montenegrins, Slovaks, Slovenes, Sorbs & Ukrainians.

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Slavs of America
An Essay

Slavs are Europe's Largest Ethnic and Linguistic Group.

The current estimated population of Slavs in America is over 20 million.
  ( America's Slavs are mostly descendants of : Poles, Russians, Czechs, Ukrainians, Slovak, Croatians and Bosnians.  Residing mostly in Midwest and Northeast of America )

The top 10 States with the most Slavic Americans ( Poles, Russians, Czech and Slovaks ) are:
New York, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania ...

Does anyone know the true number of  Slavic Americans in this country?

Slavs of America: Let's face it.  We,  Slavic Americans, are not well represented in local, state and federal offices in states with large Slavic population.

Who is representing you?
Who's fault is it?

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Slavic Americans and the coming elections.
Our financial resources may be limited. But, our constituency doesn't have to be. Therefore, let's forget our past European differences and unite.  Due to past European history, this may be a "hard pill to swallow" and justly so. But, this is America and Americans don't much care about history and look toward the future ( it all started with George Washington).

There is always something "new" on the American mind. We, Slavic Americans (thank God), must also think "new". Otherwise, we will get lost in the political shuffle. Look at the  data and judge for yourself.  

Besides voting on the issues presented to us by any candidate, regardless of race, religion, national origin or sex, let's inform that candidate in advance of any other issues that we may have as  Slavic Americans.

With a large constituency, we just don't vote on the issues - we can have some control over the issues. Therefore during elections, unite and support the candidate that can best represent you.

slav.gif At least, let's get counted as Slavic Americans. With a large constituency, the elected politician(s) can't afford to ignore us any longer.

How do Slavs of America compare to other ethnic groups?

[ Population,   Education,   Income ]

If the data from the Census Bureau  is correct, then why are we so poorly represented in political offices. 

Although some progress has been made by some ethnic (Slavic) groups, we have the determination and the manpower to be politically equal. Therefore, let's support each other and those who support us.  

Political power is more than just political.


"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success " --Henry Ford"

The Origin of the Slavs from the Bronze Age

   Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Eastern European Cooking

Tradition and the Polish Immigrant
University of Delaware Library
( Special Collections Department )

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Origin of Slavs and Little of Slavic History
"Little is known of  the origins of  Slavs. Philologists and archaeologists theorize that the Slavs settled very early in the Carpathian Mountains or in the area of present-day Belarus. By A.D. 600, they had split linguistically into southern, western, and eastern branches.The East Slavs settled along the Dnepr River in what is now Ukraine; then they spread northward to the northern Volga River valley, east of modern-day Moscow, and westward to the basins of the northern Dnestr and the western Bug rivers, in present-day Moldavia and southern Ukraine. "
The Library of Congress  Country Studies

More On Early History from Library of Congress: See Opposite Side.
Belarus Russia Ukraine

West Slavs or the Polanie People
" Westward migration and gradual differentiation of the early West Slavic tribes following the collapse of the Roman Empire. About twenty such tribes formed small states between  800 and  960 AD.  One of these tribes,  the Polanie or Poliane "people o.f  the plain", settled in the flatlands that eventually formed the heart of Poland, lending their name to the country. Over time the modern Poles established themselves to the east of the Germanic regions of Europe with their ethnographic cousins, the Czechs and Slovaks, to the south."

--The Library of Congress  Country Studies

More On Early History from Library of Congress: See Opposite Side.
Czechs Slovaks Polish

Who are the Slavs?
"Although little is known of the early history of the Slavs, they had by the seventh century A.D. divided into three distinguishable groups; the eastern, western and the southern group."

East Slavs, South Slavs and West Slavs
"The East Slavs, ancestors of the Russians, the Ukrainians, and the Belarussians. The West Slavs, ancestors of the Poles, the Czechs, and the Slovaks. And the South Slavs, ancestors of the Bulgarians, the Serbs, and the Croatians"  

More On Early History From Library of Congress:  See Opposite Side
Bosnia Herzegovina: Bulgaria Croatia:
Macedonia: Serbia & Montenegro: Slovenia:

--The Library of Congress  Country Studies

Religion of the Slavs
The two major religious groups are the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic. Other religious groups are:  Muslim, Jewish, Protestant and other. Click the links above  to see the religion practiced in each individual country.

Religion News-Daily
slav.gif    www.religionreview.com/

Slavic Languages
Slavs use the Cyrillic and the Latin alphabets. The Roman alphabet is used  by  the western  Slavs, Croatia and  Slovenia. The Cyrillic alphabet is used by the eastern Slavs and most of the southern Slavs. The predominant languages are Byelorussian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, Russians, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian. The languages have many similarities, however.

Indo-European Languages - Balto-Slavic Site

Line Reference Sources:
The Library of Congress Country Studies
The CIA World Factbook 2002 and The Library of Congress


Ukrania web directory

*Bulgarians, are of mixed origin, speak a Slavic language and are often designated as south Slavs.
*Latvians and Lithuanians are Balts.  ( Latvia and Lithuania have a large Slavic population. )

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